Letter: Country's priorities should fund domestic services, not aid Muslilm countries

August 27, 2013 

The headline (TCH, Aug 22) stating that the forest firefighting budget was running out of money brought tears to my eyes. This budget of less than $200 million is peanuts compared to the $1.3 billion in aid regularly given to Egypt and just as much to other Muslim countries. The purpose of firefighting is to save American lives, American homes, American forests while the elusive purpose of aid to Muslim countries such as Egypt and Libya, etc. is apparently to make them like us enough to continue to sell and ship oil to us.

While we continue to send staggering amounts abroad, important federal domestic programs such as Preserve America, Save America's Treasures, Teaching American History, National Heritage and on and on (source: American Heritage, Summer 2012 issue) have been eliminated. And there is no money to allow visitors into the White House.

Let us hope we can survive another two years of the current federal administration.


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