Letter: Bias belongs on the opinion page, not news stories

August 25, 2013 

I have a great deal of interest in why this great land of ours appears so divided, so I went back and reviewed the beliefs of my heroes (my dad and cowboys).

Among Gene Autry's code of honor was, "A cowboy never betrays a trust. He never goes back on his word." Wild Bill Hickock said, "I will obey my parents. They do know best." The Long Ranger's creed said, "All men are created equal and that everyone has within himself (herself) the power to make this a better world." Roy Rogers said, "Protect the weak and help them." The Texas Ranger said, "Never take unfair advantage." And finally the Code of the West says among other things, "Live each day with courage."

My Dad wrote the following in 1979: "Pop! Pop! Fizz! Fizz! Oh! What a mess it is! To be dangled on a string, which reporters love to swing. What manner of person can this be -- who misquotes you to confound me. Who twists the words, or leaves unsaid the message spoken which should be read. You, the reporter, have indeed been blessed -- with freedom of speech -- like all the rest. Opinions belong on the editorial page, where the reader may read -- or discard in a rage. We, the people, want the truth as is -- not messed up with a reporter's fizz."


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