Letter: Detroit's money problems getting suprisingly little ink

August 25, 2013 

I find it interesting that the plight facing the city of Detroit has had very little coverage in the mainstream media. Detroit, having been the mecca of the American Automotive industry with a population of 2.1 million, now has 700,000 residents and unfunded liabilities of $18 billion.

Facts have resonated from Detroit's bankruptcy report that are astounding, given the investment that the Democratic party has funneled its way. Unemployment of 24 percent, illiteracy rate of 58 percent, 78,000 vacant buildings, more than half of street lights not operable, 58 minutes response time from emergency services, and 60 percent of children at or below the poverty line!

The social demographics for Detroit are the following, 78 percent black Americans, 11 percent Hispanic and Asian, and 11 percent white Americans. The last election found 86 percent voted Democratic.

With the bailout of GM, Chrysler, and of course, the United Auto Workers from this president and his party, one would think they would embrace this fine beacon of a city, but instead the media and his administration want these facts to be kept secret.

Unfortunately, we will have to bail this city out, so Democrats can keep their bought votes. Next is New York, with $80 BILLION unfunded.

KIRK THOMAS, Kennewick

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