Letter Best: Smokers mar fair

August 25, 2013 

On Wednesday, my family and I attended the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo. We had a great time. Rides were a blast, fair food was good, laughs and screams of joy galore. But one thing sticks out that really bothered me: A lot of smoking was happening. Around kids, amongst the public, it was something that was happening far too often. I saw one woman light up by a group of small children separate from her at an adjacent table. This disgusts me.

I remember a little law placed here in Washington about the prohibition of smoking in public buildings, as well as within 25 feet of a public building entrance, as well as within 25 feet of a transit bus. Why is this also not enforced in a mass public venue like a county fair?

I understand people have that (most unusual) craving to jam disgusting chemicals and nicotine down their throats and back out, but should it really be done in the immediate vicinity of those who just want to have a little fun in a preferably smoke-free atmosphere?

Time for dedicated smoking sections, Fair staff? Something to consider.


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