Kennewick Port: Givens

August 23, 2013 

I was pleased John Givens advanced through the primary for Port of Kennewick District 1 commissioner. It's now time for me to help John, who suffered recent adverse press coverage while trying to keep old port letters from being made public, largely to protect my privacy.

I was the employee Commissioner John Olson claimed John Givens was having the inappropriate relationship with related to "the locked door port office" during the noon hour as reported in the Herald. That claim was slanderous, without substance and totally inaccurate. My relationship with John Givens during the seven years we worked together was only respectful, professional and highly productive.

A letter from my attorney still exists in the Port of Kennewick files that quickly silenced John Olson's caustic accusations. I assure readers no claim of an improper physical relationship between John Givens and I ever reached the Kennewick Port Commissioners for consideration or action. If it had, Mr. Givens and I would have both initiated litigation.

I'm sorry John left the port because he was good for it. My husband and I support John's campaign and will hopefully celebrate his return to the Port of Kennewick as a commissioner.


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