Letter: Reader ignoring Limbaugh on Benghazi for now

August 23, 2013 

Barely a dozen people participate in the online discussions that follow letters to the editor, so few of you are aware of the not-so-secret code recently developed by the reactionary side of these discussions. They have started using the phrase, "low-information voters", which they thought we would not recognize as meaning "blacks and Hispanics." Well, I certainly trust these allegedly "low-information voters" to vote more wisely than the "Limbaugh-information voters" who thought they could slip their racist slurs past us.

Have you seen the recent allegation that the "stand-down" order related to the Benghazi tragedy was issued by none other than Valerie Jarret?

Rush Limbaugh's convoluted narrative is difficult to follow, but his "confidential sources" allege that the president somehow illegally delegated authority to Ms. Jarrett. It's unclear whether "stand down" refers to the C-130 supposedly standing ready in Italy to take off and scare away the terrorists or to the handful of CIA operatives in Tripoli ready to race to Benghazi and defeat hundreds of attackers. The latter apparently disobeyed their order and went to Benghazi anyway, where two of them were killed. Then the CIA wrote some confusing "talking points." I think I'll wait for a final report and ignore Limbaugh for now.


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