Letter: Limit next effort at Tri-City unity to Benton County

August 20, 2013 

I read the Aug. 18 In Focus column by Kirk Williamson, and I couldn't agree with him more.

Williamson is quite correct in stating that this area is as large as Spokane was when it successfully staged Expo 74, but we were not able to pull together in the '80s to produce a Tri-City event.

There have been attempts to unite the entire area that have failed in the past, and I would hope that in the future there would be another attempt.

However, next time I would limit the unification to the cities in Benton County. If the attempt were successful, it would create the second largest city in Eastern Washington, giving us much more political clout than now. It should also put an end to the numerous duplications and triplications of effort that are wasteful and divisive.

I salute Williamson for his commentary.


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