Letter: Aquatic center proposal so bad it's insulting

August 20, 2013 

In "We're still too fractured for regional projects" (In Focus, Aug. 18), Kirk Williamson utterly fails to support this thesis. In fact, he advances no arguments whatsoever. Be that as it may, I have no idea if the Tri-Cities will support regional projects or not.

I do know that the aquatic center proposal was an insult to all sentient residents of the Tri-Cities. No analysis of support for regional projects can be valid without first considering what is being proposed. The aquatic center proposal came down to an in-perpetuity tax in exchange for a water slide and two woefully inadequate pools. If it hadn't actually shown up on the ballot, I'd have passed it off as a hoax started by bored third-grade students on summer break.

An in-perpetuity tax to feed the hungry or shelter the homeless? Who could argue against? An in-perpetuity tax for a water park that won't last quite that long? An in-perpetuity tax and I still have to shell out five bucks to gain admission? An in-perpetuity tax for two six-lane 25 meter pools? An in-perpetuity tax for what private industry should do? Ridiculous!

E.C. LUND, Pasco

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