Letter: Kennewick pool policy leaves swimmers dry

August 18, 2013 

Kennewick's public pool has a policy of at least 15 swimmers per session or no swimming. I took my kids to go swimming, and because there were only 12 kids they were unable to swim, saying there needed to be at least 15 kids. After 15 minutes someone told the kids there was no session, gave them Otter Pops (very nice) and shut the door. Within minutes other kids showed up wanting to swim (putting it way over the 15 limit) and couldn't.

When I called the city, they said this is because of minimum wage and the cost of paying people. I was around the parking lot for a total of 45 minutes after what was supposed to be opening time. All the workers that were inside stayed inside.

This is our tax dollars. It still costs money to run the pool and I say if even one kid wants to swim then they should be open.

This pool has gone so downhill since I was a kid. This is one reason the aquatic center will not pass the vote, as much as I would like to see it here and would use it. Poorly managed public works is not the public's fault.


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