Mid-Columbia births for Sun, Aug 18, 2013

August 18, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

MADRIGAL -- Otilia and Santone Pocan, Pasco, boy, Aug. 10.

SEARLES -- Eileen and Jeff, Hermiston, girl, Aug. 10.

MISIPEKA -- Jennifer and Trevor, Richland, boy, Aug. 10.

VERDUZCO -- Tanisa and Marcos, Othello, girl, Aug. 10.

HAMMERSTROM -- Leah and Dane, Pasco, boy, Aug. 10.

SENN -- Megan and Chanse, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 11.

KENOYER -- Kelsie and Skyler, Pasco, boy, Aug. 11.

GUTIERREZ -- Maria and Gerardo Gomez, Grandview, girl, Aug. 11.

RAFAELA -- Gladys and Robert Fleming, Pasco, boy, Aug. 11.

ORNSTEIN -- Brittan and Michael, Pasco, girl, Aug. 11.

TORRES -- Yessica and Jose Gutierrez, Pasco, boy, Aug. 12.

MILLER -- Cassie and Brian, Richland, boy, Aug. 10.

WALKER -- Shelby, Pasco, girl, Aug. 12.

FRIAS -- Ambar and Anthony Rodriguez, Grandview, girl, Aug. 12.

ALVORD -- Danica and Vance Chadis, Sunnyside, girl, Aug. 12.

BERRYHILL -- Kayla and Michael McElroy, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 12.

OROZCO de CORPUS -- Yuri and Francisco Corpus, Walla Walla, boy, Aug. 13.

ALCOER -- Elizabeth and Joseph Lee, Pasco, girl, Pasco, Aug. 13.

LOUCKS -- Kathleen and Jared, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 13.

NEWHOUSE -- Kendra and Brian, Prosser, boy, Aug. 6.

HANEY -- Megan and Dillon Hecock, Richland, boy, Aug. 6.

CASILLAS -- Maria and Pablo, Grandview, girl, Aug. 6.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

CORIA -- Yaneli and Mario Ayala, Umatilla, girl, Aug. 11.

HILL -- Dena and Josh, Hermiston, girl, Aug. 10.

Walla Walla General Hospital

GONZALEZ -- Crystal and Dustin Morton, College Place, girl, Aug. 10.

ROBBINS -- Jessica and Trent, Milton Freewater, boy, Aug. 11.

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