Letter: Make driving school mandatory for a

August 17, 2013 

Better drivers

Leave Clearwater and all other roads in the Tri-Cities alone. It's not the design of the roads that cause accidents, it's the driver.

Drivers who run red lights, who speed, who follow too closely, who drink and who do not pay attention.

All of the stop lights and roundabouts (which I hate with a passion) will not stop the accidents. When drivers learn to follow the rules of the road, the accidents will stop.

The money would be bettter spent on more police and anyone who gets a ticket should be made to attend a two-week driving school.



Get a mammogram

Mammograms save lives. Kadlec Mammography and Dr. John Droesch saved mine. I had a routine annual mammogram on May 24. Two very small cysts were identified. After various tests and a needle biopsy, breast cancer was identified. I had a mastectomy on July 1 and I am now in chemo at CBHO. Get a mammogram. If you think you cannot afford it, all the hospitals offer low-cost or no-cost mammograms.

Save your life, get a mamm.



Prayer in public

When I go to a Christian's house for dinner, I have no objection to the saying of grace before the meal. To object or complain about private prayer would be rude and ungracious. However, when I attend a public meeting, I am offended if I am asked to take the time to listen to prayers or other religious mutterings that make no sense to me whatsoever. After all, I have my own beliefs and practices, being an avid advocate of the FSM. The only ritual the FSM has is that every Friday, beginning at sundown, we must drink beer. This leads to a great deal of fellowship. When three or more of us come together, we occasionally take a moment to give thanks for the magical transformation of mash into lager. Or, one of us might read a paragraph from the Beer Maker's Bible.

The point is, I would never ask someone to yield some of their precious time while I publicly recited thanks for the miracle of fermentation. I wish everyone would be as polite and reciprocate. Sure, the FSM is a spoof, but it makes as much sense to me as prayer in public.



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