Letter: America is changing for the worse

August 16, 2013 

The gun-running operation conducted by this administration, well, it's just a phony scandal. The weapons funneled to the Syrian rebels in Benghazi resulting in deaths also was a phony scandal.

The IRS targeting of Tea Party groups and holding up approval of their tax exempt status for no reason other than their political beliefs also was a phony scandal. The NSA collecting phone records and e-mails on ordinary, everyday citizens simply is another phony scandal. Obama declared they're all phony scandals.

This administration is so transparent that anybody who will open their eyes can see the deceit, the coverups, the obstruction in the obtaining of evidence and the protection of the guilty.

The real phonies are most of the congressmen, many of the judges, the unvetted czars, and the unconstitutional president of this United States. I would also include the phony press/news that won't print or broadcast the unfolding news of these scandals.

The events that are transpiring in my beloved America are real. America is being changed unconstitutionally. The president is making law by executive order. That is wrong!


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