Letter: Increased government aid counter to Founding Fathers' vision

August 16, 2013 

Please help me understand Tri-Cities Community Health's proposed clinic next to Amistad Elementary School in Kennewick to serve low-income students. This will use all or part of a $500,000 federal grant -- taxpayers' money. Out of 4,300 surveys that were sent out, only 279 responded, and 80 percent were in favor of the clinic. Obamacare will require all of us to carry insurance, so why spend taxpayers' money to build a clinic?

A short list of services already available to many parents and students paid by taxpayers include: busing to schools within walking distance; free lunch and breakfast during the school year and also during the summer; food stamps and some free cell phones and school supplies and backpacks.

The list of aid and support is continually being expanded.

Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village to raise a child." Apparently that village is the government. The more we allow the government to grow and control, the more we depend upon it and the less freedom we have. It is not the responsibility of the government, the schools or the churches to raise our children. That is the responsibility of the parents.

Increased government aid and dependency will continue to deteriorate what our Founding Fathers so wisely envisioned.


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