Thankful Thursday: McCurley dealerships live by 'integrity' motto

August 15, 2013 

There have been several letters recently, making comment about the good deeds of many people in our community. What a treat it is to read all these positive comments -- raves rather than rants.

I recently had a vehicle in for service at one of the McCurley dealerships. While it was there, one of the tires on my car was slightly damaged. Troy, the service manager, pointed it out to me and replaced the tire. He didn't have to do that. Had he not mentioned what had happened, I would probably never have known. But he did mention it and he took care of the problem, at no cost to me.

Bill McCurley named his dealerships "integrity." That was not just a marketing ploy. That policy starts at the top and is at play, all the way through, to the last person working for him. What people may not know, about the McCurleys, themselves, is that they are dedicated, wonderful neighbors giving of their time and money to many different, worthy causes in our community. Victoria, Bill's wife is Co-Chair of the Northwest Chapter of the Walk To End Alzheimer's Disease. She gives many hours of her time trying to help find a cure for this horrible curse, which afflicts so many of our friends and family members. Bill is right there by her side, contributing in a significant way financially.


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