Thankful Thursday: Friends of wildlife counter some official actions

August 15, 2013 

Too often this newspaper covers our local assault on wildlife, from a county commissioner illegally firing a gun in city limits to kill a skunk to law enforcement officers killing a bear/bull/cougar/moose to the city of Richland mowing down blackbird nests along Keene Road. (I don't know if that last one made the paper.)

But while these actions often spark outrage, or at least a spirited debate, there are those out there trying to preserve individual lives who we never hear about. They deserve our thanks, even though we'll never see their names in the paper. Unless you've found an injured animal, or come across an orphaned bird, it's unlikely that you've ever heard of Blue Mountain Wildlife and its small network of volunteers.

But every day, the volunteers at BMW drive countless miles to collect wildlife here in the Tri-Cities and throughout the region, and deliver it to the wildlife rehabilitation center in Pendleton.

Thank you to those volunteers. And thank you to the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation who open their shuttle service to transport wildlife from the Tri-Cities to Pendleton. It's a wonderful service BMW and the tribes provide.

DAN HAAS, Richland

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