Traveling partners share the wealth at Farm-City Pro Rodeo

By Annie Fowler, Herald staff writerAugust 10, 2013 

Farm City Rodeo Saturday

Evan Jayne of Marseille, France rides to a winning score of 85 in the bareback riding Saturday night during the Farm City Rodeo in Hermiston.

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HERMISTON — Bradley Harter and Sam Spreadborough have been traveling partner for 6 years, sharing meals, taking turns filling the tank, and Saturday night, they shared the saddle bronc title at the Farm-City Pro Rodeo.

Spreadborough turned in an 87 on Next 2 U, and Harter’s 87 on Lynx Mountain, earned him his third FCPR title (2010, 2012).

“This is the best rodeo of the week,” said Harter, who owns the arena record with an 88. “I love this rodeo, they bring the best horses. Thank God I drew good this week. To win here three times is an honor. To win with my traveling partner is icing on the cake.”

Spreadborough, a native of Australia, has had an injury filled career, but said he is riding injury free for the first time in 10 years.

“I have more neoprene than a scuba diver,” said Spreadborough, who noted aids on his shoulder, knees and wrists. “This sure beats working for a living.”

Over the first three days of the Farm-City Pro Rodeo, the bulls had their way with the cowboys. In fact, going into the final night of action, it was bulls 26, cowboys 1.

Saturday night, not much changed.

Cody Campbell of Summerville, Ore., rode Big Cool for a score of 86, but he had the only legal ride of the night of the nine riders.

After two nights of watching the bulls own the arena to the tune of a 15-0 advantage, the first legal ride came Friday night as Francis Marchand of Omak held on for an 8-second ride on Black Velvet for a 72. Clint Laye and Ty Breuer held on to tie for the bareback title with matching 86s, but Evan Jayne was right behind them with an 85 on the back of Special Delivery on Saturday.

Jayne grew up in Marseille, France, and was a trick rider when he was younger. Now living in Texas, Jayne has hit the rodeo trail.

“This is an awesome rodeo,” Jayne said. “Look at the stands, they are full. We go to a lot of rodeos, and these are some of the best fans in the United States. I drew one of the rankest horses in the world and the fans pulled me through the ride. The horse is a handful. He got most of the points and I got my paycheck.”

In the steer wrestling, Clayton Moore’s time of 12.2 seconds on two head held strong from Friday, earning the Canadian cowboy his first FCPR title and the highly coveted Mike Currin Memorial Buckle, given to the winner of the event.

Currin, a Heppner cowboy, died July 3, 1990 in a plane crash near Mt. Rainier.

Canadian Brock Butterfield had the top run of the night at 5.2 seconds.

Matt Shiozawa of Chubbuck, Idaho, took the tie-down title, adding a top run of 8.7 seconds Saturday night to his first run of 10.1 seconds for a time of 18.8 on two head.

In barrel racing, Michelle McLeod set the standard Friday night with a first run of 17.09 seconds, then went 16.99 in the performance. Her total of 34.08 seconds is the fastest time on two runs since 2007, according to arena records.

No one came close to knocking her out of first place Saturday. Mary Walker finished with the top time of 17.28 seconds.

First Go winners
Tie-down: Caleb Smidt 8.6, $1,978; EJ Roberts 9.2, $1,591; Bradley Bynum 9.2, $1,591. Steer wrestling: Clayton Moore 5.1, $2,148; Jason Miller 6.5, $1,868; Olin Hannum 7.6, $1,588. Team roping: Erich Rogers and Cory Petska 4.2, $2,011 (each); Clay Smith and Jake Smith 4.7, $1,618; Coleman Proctor and Matt Kasner 4.7, $1,618. Barrel racing: Michelle McLeod 17.09, $1,763; Sue Smith 17.27, $1,385; Nancy Hunter 17.27, $1,385.

Friday night’s performance
Bareback — Luke Creasy 82, Tilden Hooper 82. Tie-down roping — Cade Swor 8.7 seconds. Steer wrestling — Ethan Thouvenell 4.3. Saddle bronc — Chet Johnson 85. Team roping — Bryce Palmer and Garrett Rogers 4.9; Clay Smith and Jake Smith 4.9. Barrel racing — Michelle McLeod 16.99. Bull riding — Francis Marchand 82.

Saturday night’s performance
Bareback — Evan Jayne 85. Tie-down roping — Matt Shiozawa 8.7. Steer wrestling — Brock Butterfield 5.2. Saddle bronc — Bradley Harter 87, Sam Spreadborough 87. Team roping — Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill 4.1. Barrel racing — Mary Walker 17.28. Bull riding — Cody Campbell 86.

2013 Champions
Bareback — Clint Laye 86, Ty Breuer 86. Tie-down roping — Matt Shiozawa 18.8 seconds on 2. Steer wrestling — Clayton Moore 12.2 seconds on 2. Saddle bronc — Bradley Harter 87, Sam Spreadborough 87. Team roping — Clay Smith and Jake Smith 9.6 on 2. Barrel racing — Michelle McLeod 34.08 on 2 runs. Bull riding — Cody Campbell 86.

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