Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Aug 9, 2013

August 9, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

DHILLON -- Jaswant and Sarbjit, Richland, girl, July 30.

SWANSON -- Michelle and Brett, Prosser, boy, July 30.

PURCELL -- Christin and Tim Shasteen, Kennewick, girl, July 30.

JOHNSON -- Kerri and Scott, Richland, boy, July 31.

TAYLOR -- Toni and Curtis, Benton City, boy, July 31.

PACHECO -- Lesly and Josiah McCall, Pasco, boy, July 31.

MACDUFF -- Melissa and Matt, Pasco, boy, July 31.

CAMPOS -- Yecenia and Juan Caro, Pasco, boy, July 31.

CHRISTENSEN -- Kenzy and Cy, Richland, girl, July 31.

HERRMANN -- Brittanee and Manuel Plata, Grandview, boy, Aug. 1.

DUARTE -- Angela and Michael, West Richland, boy, Aug. 1.

RAMOS -- Crystal and Noe, Pasco, twin boys, Aug. 1.

TORRES -- Marissa and Robert Contreras, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 1.

OLENIUS -- Julie and Mark, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 2.

RINCON -- Maria and Cesar Ramirez, Mattawa, girl, Aug. 2.

BURCH -- Jamie and Cameron, Richland, boy, Aug. 2.

ARMSTRONG -- Nicole and Davion Chalmers, Hermiston, girl, Aug. 3.

BROOKS -- Rhiannon and Cory, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 3.

MORALES -- Araceli and Jerardo Robles, Pasco, girl, Aug. 3.

DAVIS -- Dania, Richland, girl, Aug. 3.

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