Letter: Still optimistic despite concerns over perfect political storm

August 6, 2013 

Surviving the storm

It seems to me that we have a perfect storm brewing. We have an apathetic electorate, an impotent and dysfunctional Congress, a politicized judiciary, an incompetent narcissist president with a sycophantic Justice Department that has little respect for the Constitution or the rule of law, and a multitude of scandals with no accountability. We also have a massive and unsustainable debt and cities are going bankrupt. The people have lost faith in their government and our currency is being debased. And there is more; much more.

Now all it takes is a crisis, a catalyst or a spark to ignite this tinderbox and our democracy goes up in a puff of smoke. You think I cry wolf? Read history and look at Detroit, which could be America 20 years hence; then think again. Will it happen? Probably not, because there is something in America's DNA that makes me believe we will once again stand tall when the chips are down. We did in 1776, 1862 and 1942, and somehow we will do it again. As Churchill once said "America can always be depended on to do the right thing after they have exhausted all other options."


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