Letter: Zimmerman verdict tainted by America's racism

August 5, 2013 

Regarding George Zimmerman's trial, all of us whites are racists after about age 4. Our parents can't prevent it. Racism is a defining characteristic of American culture since the first African was kidnapped to increase somebody else's wealth. American business ethics determine that human beings are less important than money.

We breathe racism. We distort a Bible passage; pretending racism is encouraged in the Bible. Our history of American Justice is of thousands of all-white juries, who never mention "race" in the jury room; acquitting KKK terrorists of torture, murder and bombing churches with children inside.

The true duty of juries is to decide whether the plaintiff and his lawyers are lying. To automatically assume they are truthful because they survived, or are white, is not justice.

Originally, whenever an armed person killed an unarmed person, that was automatically a hanging offense. Extenuating circumstances were irrelevant. What if we assumed that Zimmerman, like many wrestlers, sliced his own scalp with a safety razor? This could falsely elicit sympathy. Neighborhood Watch volunteers are never permitted to be armed. So he wasn't a watch volunteer. If he deliberately followed someone, that and his gun, converted him into a stalking thug.

JOY RASCH, Kennewick

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