Sunday's Mid-Columbia roundup

August 4, 2013 

Mckenzie Meyer won the Shifters class and claimed $250 at the Tri-City Kart Club’s racing day at Horn Rapids ORF Park in Richland.

Meyer topped a field of 13 competitiors, easily beating Chuck Hurlbert by nearly 81⁄2 seconds in the 17-lap event. Meyer caught an early break when Justin Walsh, whose qualifying lap of 36.187 seconds was more than a second better than anyone else, went out of the race with engine trouble after leading through lap 13.

Marc Benton (Clones), Jeff Slough (Senior Sportsman) and Clayton Hayes (Rotax Sr.) also were among the winners.

Conner Wick turned out to be a big winner in the youth classes, topping seven other riders in the Mini Max division to win a set of racing tires.

Shifters: McKenzie Meyer 10:44.639 on 17 laps, Chuck Hurlbert 10:53.117, Chris Worley 10:53.530, Dustin Glenn 10:57.466, Matt Kaiser 11:01.231, James O’Brien 11:05.720, Britt Robinson 16 laps, Bill Wiggins 14, Jeff Johnson 12, Chase Meyers 7, Jason Hall 6, Justin Walsh 4, Andy Dressler 2.

Clone: Marc Benton 11:01.928 on 15 laps, Craig Chiesa 11:02.089, Scott Johnson 11:06.949, Freddy Munoz 11:09.419, Brent May 11:09.607, Eric Hubele 11:10.744, Gene Hess 11:13.915, Devon Badioux 12 laps, Jason Walters 10, Dustin Chiesa 9, Larry Badoux 8.

SR Supersportsman: Jeff Slough 11:06.638 on 17, Joey McGuire 11:07.491, Sean Scott 11:07.754, Justin Smalley 11:18.073, Andy Anderson 11:18.226, Harley Price 11:18.871, Tim Brown 11:20.983, Bob Allston 11:28.027, Dan Garrison 11:28.368; Joey Mcguire 6 laps, Jerry Pitts 3.

ROTAX Sr.: Clayton Hayes 10:55.642 on 17, Joe Miller 10:58.913, Chris Mann 10:59.082, Joey McGuire 11:03.463, Eric Hubele 11:08.343, Jerry Pitts 11:08. 586, Rene Bine 16 laps, Jarod Marin 10, Dorian Ford 9, Michael Groff 5.

ROTAX Jr.: Kyle Wick 10:58.729 on 17, Brittney Zamora 11:01.669, Cole Franchini 11:06.958, Calen Richmond 11:13.842, Adam Smalley 11:22.966, Bryce Peterson 11:26.346; Parker Dressler 7 laps. PRD: Dan Sanders 9:48.718 on 15, Chris Worley 10:00.127, Steve Thiel 10:26.165, Carl Beavers 14 laps, Richard Worley 2.

Mini Max: Conner Wick 10:41.103 on 16, Mathew Morgan 10:41.991, Seth Appel 10:42.127, Dayton Arnzen 10:49.611, Mason Morgan 10:50.005, Ellie Musgrave 11:06.865, Tanner McGuire 15 laps, Caleb Goulet 6. Micro Max: Trey Arnzen 11:20.812 on 15, Garrett Poynor 14 laps.

Kid Kart: Mavrick Rasmussen 11:10.624 on 12, Riley Miller 11:31.525, William Ginn 11 laps, DJ Washam 9, Cameron Strait 9, Derek Herling 7.

JR 1 Animal Supersportsman: Daytona Amzen 10:34.178 on 15, Trey Amzen 10:37.712, Gavin Carger 11:12.102.

World Formula/JR 2 Animal: Dustin Chiesa 10:59.337 on 16, Colton Schultz 10:59.823, Ricky Worley 11:05.924, Craig Chiesa 11:11.884, Brock Mcdonough 11:11.964; Jay Cook 4 laps.

WCL baseball

Jarod Gonzales scored the winning run on Scott Silva’s single with two out in the bottom of the 10th inning as the Walla Walla Sweets beat the Victoria HarborCats 4-3 in West Coast League baseball at Borleske Stadium.

Gonzales, the former Kennewick and current Walla Walla CC standout, was hit by a pitch with one out and moved along on a pair of walks before Silva singled to right.

The Sweets were in full control, with Gonzales’ WWCC teammate Jesse Houser (Kamiakin) throwing a 1-2-3 inning of relief in the seventh.

But Victoria scored its three runs in the eighth after Walla Walla started the frame with another reliever.


The Washington Angels Red U-12 team wrapped up its stay at the USSSA World Series in West Covina, Calif., with a 5-0 loss to the Pride Titans on Saturday.

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