State Senator: Brown

August 4, 2013 

The reasons we are supporting State Sen. Sharon Brown in this fall's election are as follows:

Brown began her legislative session last fall by taking a strong position against unneeded and redundant gun control legislation that was being proposed. She worked to get $5.4 million in new funding for Delta High School, was a member of the Senate Energy Committee and proposed legislation aimed at reducing government inefficiencies when we deal with businesses.

Last spring, Brown, as a member of the Senate Majority Coalition, stood up against Gov. Jay Inslee's call for higher taxes.

This year, Inslee and the Democrats, who control the state House, were intent on imposing new taxes to pay for bigger government. A coalition of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate stopped them and still managed to find a billion dollars of new support for our public schools.

At a time when our state's economy is stalled and higher taxes would have made matters worse, Sharon stuck to her principles and stalled the Democrats. We need to keep Sharon Brown in the Legislature.

Please voice your support by voting for Sen. Sharon Brown!


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