Kennewick Port: Bowman

August 4, 2013 

I am supporting Leo Bowman for Port of Kennewick, commissioner District 2. I had the privilege of working with Leo in his position as Benton County Commissioner for more than 14 years. During that time, I appreciated his leadership on the board. Leo always took the time to study the issues before him and make the necessary inquiries, before voting on the issue.

One of the roles of the county commissioners is to administer and appropriate the multi-million dollar budget for the county. During Leo's tenure, Benton County maintained high bond ratings, representing the financial stability of the county. In fact, Standard & Poor's (the financial services company that publishes financial research and analysis), when issuing its 2013 rating, stated "The county's finances have been strong for at least a decade." This is all during a time when many other entities throughout the state were struggling.

It was because of the Benton County commissioners' responsible leadership and philosophy of "saving for a rainy" day that the county remained fiscally stable. Join me in supporting Leo Bowman for Port of Kennewick, commissioner District 2.


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