Kennewick Port: Bowman

August 4, 2013 

In his four terms as a Benton County commissioner, Leo Bowman displayed his leadership skills by serving as commission chairman numerous times. With the position of chairman comes the responsibility to serve on the Benton County Finance Committee, where he continued to exhibit his commitment in keeping the county finances in good order.

In this role on the county's finance committee, Leo assisted with the development and implementation of the county's debt policy and the county investment policy, which helped the county achieve and keep a solid bond rating.

Counties from around the state recognized his leadership skills and elected Leo to serve as president of the Washington State Association of Counties. Locally, he long played a key role at Ben Franklin Transit, where he also served many years as chairman.

As Benton County Treasurer, I know Bowman understands that keeping public finances in check while at the same time building a solid infrastructure is crucial for the continued economic development of this region. These are the qualities we need in a port commissioner.

Please join me in voting for Leo Bowman for Port of Kennewick Commissioner, Position 2.


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