Election letter: Aquatic center -- Yes

August 2, 2013 

Moses Lake, Milton-Freewater and Hermiston are a few of the nearby towns that have had municipal water parks for years.

Apparently those communities don't think it is "unfair competition with private enterprise," "too risky in these times" or "too fancy" to serve public need.

Do private bookstores owners bellyache about a new library?

Was the Manhattan Project too risky for cooperation?

Is a rotary dial, cord-in-the-wall phone more efficient than today's mobile device?

Continued thumb twiddling, decade-after-decade, waiting for "private" money to solve our public problem is no solution. No convenient risk-free project will ever exist. That's life. Enough postponement. The will to do and do right in design, innovation, cost efficiency and public/voter agreement is long overdue.

The aquatic complex is somewhat symbolic of the many who came and stayed in this place with its seeming lack of trees and abundance of dust, wondering at the risk. Staying and doing is a nod to a need, an affirmation of our priorities and an investment in our future.

I'm 60 years old on a fixed income and am delighted to pay an extra penny on $10 to make this happen. Vote yes now.

TERRY ALLEN, Kennewick

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