Election letter: State Senate -- Lemley

August 1, 2013 

We have the chance to elect a state senator in the 8th District who is sincere about seeing the Tri-City region and the state of Washington do better -- not just the businesses of the Tri-Cities, but also the people of the Tri-Cities.

I hope you will join me in voting for and supporting Phil Lemley. During his time as a member of the Richland City Council, Phil proved that his priority is the people. His support for public safety shows in that he is endorsed by the Richland, Kennewick and West Richland firefighters. Not only does Phil stand up for firefighters, but he stands up for every citizen who is trying to earn an honest wage for an honest day's work.

Phil is a man of action. If he says he will act on an issue, he will follow through. Phil has the experience and dedication it takes to represent his constituents. I hope everyone will join with me and make the informed choice to vote for Phillip Lemley in his bid for election to state Senate in the 8th district.


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