Election letter: Be informed about West Richland

August 1, 2013 

Election letter: Be informed about West Richland

A recent letter in support of Nancy Aldrich for West Richland mayor touted her as a big supporter of our parks and green spaces. I agree completely.

As a member of the West Richland Planning Commission, Aldrich recently agreed that the corner of Bombing Range and Austin Drive (directly across from Flat Top Park) was not a place for a commercial business.

The letter was even correct to question another writer who stated the property around Flat Top is set for development. Where the letter made a mistake was in taking the city's word that it is not going to develop that property.

Here's what city officials should answer -- "Then why have we spent thousands of dollars paying Westside consultants to give us architectural drawings and studies that say otherwise?"

The proof is in the city's own reports. Please contact West Richland Citizens for Smart Growth at 521-6716 and we will gladly show you the reports and drawings that West Richland taxpayers paid for. I applaud efforts of letter writers to question their fellow citizens but remember, you should always question authority. Please place your vote for whoever you think will lead our city the best, but do it as an informed citizen.

JEANETTE HUNT, West Richland

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