Election letter: West Richland -- Aldrich

August 1, 2013 

Election letter: West Richland -- Aldrich

I encourage you to support Nancy Aldrich for West Richland mayor. I served on city council with Nancy and saw firsthand her management ability and her hard work ethic. Nancy has the experience and qualifications to effectively and prudently run our city. She has the demonstrated ability to secure state and federal grant funds to improve infrastructure and parks within the city and she will encourage new businesses to locate in West Richland. This will not only improve our quality of life, but also will provide additional tax income for the city.

In additional to her extensive experience on the planning commission and the city council, Nancy has been a constant and active volunteer in the community. She has put in countless hours as a Cub/Boy Scout leader, Babe Ruth volunteer and has served on the youth soccer board. She has also volunteered each year at community cleanups, West Richland food drives, West Richland Fall Festival, and Hogs and Dogs.

Aldrich is definitely committed to this community and will use her dedication, experience and qualifications to effectively run our city.

Please join me in voting for Nancy Aldrich for mayor of West Richland.

JIM SLOUGHTER, West Richland

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