Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

August 1, 2013 

Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

During this time when the government is creeping into our lives for supposedly our own good, I like to know that my elected official will be judging each piece of legislation to see if it is necessary and a priority for government. Tony Benegas pledges to do just this.

The Legislature recently voted to put an unfunded mandate on our educators -- the requirement for high school seniors to complete a community service project. Why was this legislation deemed a priority over arriving at a balanced budget? If each piece of legislation introduced costs us $4,000 and each special session costs us $77,000, we need someone who knows the value of priorities. Benegas is that person!

Be smart and vote for Tony Benegas for state Senate by 8 p.m. Aug. 6.


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