Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

August 1, 2013 

Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

Please join me in voting for Tony Benegas for the 8th Legislative District Senate seat.

I have come to know Tony because I have participated in Republican activities over the past several years. Tony has shown great integrity. He has twice been elected the Benton County State Committeeman. He has twice been elected from counties making up the 4th Congressional District/Region 2 to the State Republican Executive Board.

He was vice chairman for the State Republican Platform Committee in 2010, and he sat on the Platform Committee for Benton County for the past three conventions. He knows our concerns.

Tony is an active participant. He demonstrates leadership. He encourages new voices to be heard and asks the experienced to help the novice understand the process and how to be involved. I observed this while working with Tony at the local 2012 convention and also at the state convention in Tacoma.

I am excited to vote for Tony Benegas. I urge you to also vote for Tony, as he represents us, the grass roots, our values, hopes and dreams of the future!


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