Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

August 1, 2013 

Election letter: State Senate -- Benegas

The past eight months have shown many changes in the political picture -- not all good.

I was deeply dismayed that the Benton County commissioners appeared to bow to pressure from wealthy local groups to appoint someone not known as a Republican to the Senate seat. This action was against the recommendation of the Benton County Republican precinct committee officers.

There are three people running for the seat and I am only sure that one of them has demonstrated he upholds the ideals of the Republicans.

That is Tony Benegas. Tony has put in many hours and days as a state committeeman and a member of the Party by attending conventions, including the 2008 National Convention and serving on many committees.

Tony is in his second term on the West Richland City Council.

He is a small-business owner who has been actively committed to the entire community. He will listen to constituents and not bow to big money.

Tony is just a citizen who will give up a lot to travel over the mountain to represent you and me.

Please join me by voting for Tony Benegas for state senator.

JANE WIERENGA, West Richland

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