Letter: Honest employee saves the day for absent-minded shopper

August 1, 2013 

On July 12, I went to the Queensgate Target to purchase a wallet. When we got home, I went to put my things into my new wallet. However, I could not find my old wallet! I looked everywhere I possibly could, but no wallet!

I am frantic by this time. I called Target and was told that someone had turned in my wallet. I was so happy. It was 9:30 and they closed at 10. I drove up immediately to pick it up. I was told that an employee had turned in my wallet after he found it in the shopping cart outside. This employee's name is Arturo, and he was my guardian angel that night.

If there were more honest and good people like Arturo, our world would be a better place. My money and credit cards were all intact. I was able to meet Arturo, and I offered him a little reward but he declined. Target is lucky to have him as an employee. I hate to think what a different outcome it would have been for me if a dishonest person would have picked up my wallet. Thank you, Arturo!


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