Letter: Columnist has reader thinking about editorial board's role

July 31, 2013 

Reading Mike Paoli's In Focus column on July 21 was somewhat "unexpected" for me. The column was titled "Editorial board's inside view unexpected."

It's too bad that readers of daily newspapers probably share the some misperceptions about the editorial board's deliberations.

The people who write about events in their communities do not come to the task with biased, preconceived points of view.

Attending an editorial board meeting is like going to a segment of Meet the Press. There is no editor in chief, no investigative reporter. They are people discussing issues that affect the place they live.

Ultimately, they must reach an agreement and put it in writing so that the community enjoys the right to discuss it. The part of this that causes people to think that any newspaper is biased is which side of the argument the editorial finally sides with. If the reader identifies with the opposite view, then the paper is being unfair.

It is too bad that this editorial board of people from our community would be classified by some as unfair. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We should all share the opinion that we expect free and open discussion and if we don't get that, well, that really is what's unexpected.


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