Election letter: Aquatic center -- Yes

July 30, 2013 

It's hot in beautiful Tri-Cities. Doesn't it make sense to have an aquatic center for some splash time? It's time to vote yes for our Tri-Cities regional aquatic center.

I urge you to vote yes, if it is on your ballot, because I cannot; there are drawbacks to living on a county island.

This Tri-City-wide effort is endorsed by The Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce, the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber, the Tri-Cities Visitor & Convention Bureau and the Tri-City Herald. Why? Because they know this facility will be appealing to visitors as well as industry, businesses and families looking to locate here.

The Safe Kids Coalition, hundreds of Tri-City families and retirees are also endorsing this ballot request because they know there needs to be more, safe, affordable family entertainment and water therapy to improve our quality of life in the Tri-Cities. Some of them drive 40 miles to find seasonal water parks in much smaller communities. It is time to build one here that will offer year-round access for all ages.

Please vote yes for me and my family. I will thank you when I see you at the Tri-Cities regional aquatic center with my grandchildren.


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