Washington’s Tobacco Quitline services faces reductions

July 29, 2013 

The services of the state’s Tobacco Quitline will be significantly reduced starting Thursday because of expiring funding.

Today, all adults in the state can call 800-QUIT-NOW (or 855-DEJELO-YA for Spanish) and receive “some level of free support, including counseling, a personal quit plan, a quit kit and referrals to local resources,” a state Department of Health news release said.

Nicotine patches or gum also are available to eligible callers, the release said.

But state funding and support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expiring at the end of the month, and new limited funding from the CDC that’s expected in August will cover a single call but no nicotine gum or patches, the release said.

The release notes that, “under the Affordable Care Act, all new health insurance plans in Washington state beginning in 2014 will be required to cover tobacco cessation help. Specific coverage will vary by plan, so insurance providers should be contacted to confirm coverage.”

-- Online: www.quitline.com.

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