Letter: Let's just move on after Zimmerman verdict

July 28, 2013 

Why can't we just move on from the recent tragedy of Trayvon Martin in a way that will stop this kind of thing happening again?

How long are the demonstrations going to continue? As long as the media and the celebrities continue to promote it.

Most would agree that this was indeed a tragedy. But a large part of those demonstrating have no feelings for either of the "victims" in the case. They are nothing but thugs and rabble rousers wanting their 10 seconds of fame. How does the destruction of personal and public property, thefts, muggings and the like help Trayvon Martin?

Society as a whole does not help when it condones the NAACP, Miss Black America, the United Negro College Fund, Black History month, etc.

Let's do away with all this rubbish and work on ways to change people's hearts, not to keep the emotions raw and use that as an excuse to "demonstrate."


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