Letter: Family distressed by Veterans coalition's loss of tax-exempt status

July 28, 2013 

My family was very distressed upon reading about the Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition's loss of its tax-exempt status in the July 14 paper. My husband, Rod, led a partnership made up of the city of Kennewick, Habitat for Humanity and community organizations in opening the Wegnaar-Pfister Veterans Transitional Home in Kennewick.

Our daughter-in-law's employer provided pro bono services to acquire the nonprofit status. Before my husband resigned from the CBVC board, it also had received money to provide ongoing support to homeless veterans' needs.

Now we read that the nonprofit status has been revoked, and there are insufficient funds to operate. Perhaps the most important service to local veterans is the assistance in acquiring benefits, to the tune of more than $4 million a year. Now one of these two individuals providing assistance has been notified that his employment will be ending. If the nonprofit status is ever reinstated, it will take months to get back up to speed. Shame on the organization's board members! They have let down the veteran community!


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