Letter: Liberals have destroyed America

July 26, 2013 

I want to congratulate liberals, secular progressives, the Democratic Party and all the other big-government types in the country. You have won.

After a 100-year war on the greatest nation under God, you have done us in. You have elevated homosexuals to the same or higher level than a man and woman married in the eyes of God. You have dumbed down the children in the state schools to the point where they can't balance a checkbook or know why this country was founded.

You are legalizing dope in the states, not caring about the consequences. You have spent so much money we are $17 trillion in debt with over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

You have taken God out of the classroom and as a result turned the big cities into killing grounds. You have destroyed the black American family with your social programs.

You have aborted 52 million babies in their mothers wombs since Roe v. Wade. You have punished the achievers and rewarded the slugs. You have destroyed the free market system with your regulations. You have incrementally destroyed liberty and freedom.

The Founders would not know you. The only thing left to do is confiscate the guns. And you better hurry, because when civil society breaks down because of your idiocy, well, it won't be pretty.


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