Letter: Unfair for folks who can't vote on aquatic center to pay tax increase at Tri-City stores

July 26, 2013 

We have lived in the Tri-City Heights neighborhood of Kennewick for 47 years and have seen lots of changes. We were even part of the city of Kennewick briefly but are back in Benton County through reversal of the annexation process on a technicality.

This puts us in a bad position. The upcoming levy elections include a regional aquatics facility and enlargement of the Three Rivers Convention Center. While we consider neither of these measures to be essential to continued life on Earth, we would vote for them.

However, we will not be permitted to vote on them. (The city/county thing rears its head again). Because the money for the levies will be generated by a permanent increase in the sales tax, we will be paying for things we never voted on. Does the phrase "taxation without representation" ring a bell? Jeez, wasn't a war fought about that?


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