Letter: Mid-Columbia Pride was 'rocking success'

July 25, 2013 

Mid-Columbia Pride 2013, "It's Time," was a rocking success! A special thank you to Chris Oar and her team! Thanks to the new businesses and first-time attendees who joined us. Thank you, too, for all the coverage by the Tri-City Herald and the local TV news stations. And the weatherman!

My favorite event this year was Pride After Dark held at Market Vineyards in Richland, a classy wine and conversation event and great meeting opportunity for folks new to the community. The addition of more all-age events was great, including the barbecue and dance at Quest Youth Center at Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Kennewick.

For many in the Tri-Cities, Pride events are a curiosity. They are not born out of a need to celebrate being gay, but rather the right to live as any other citizen. Thanks to the community for stepping up. Thanks to the city of Richland for being so welcoming of the John Dam Plaza event. As Chris said so well, "The city of Richland has been absolutely fabulous from top to bottom."

Thanks again to all who helped make Mid-Columbia Pride 2013 a great event for our Tri-Cities' community.

MARK LEE, Kennewick

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