Letter: Grateful for son's deliver at Lourdes even if it's hospital's last

July 25, 2013 

My wife recently delivered a beautiful boy at Lourdes Medical Center, who also happened to be the last baby delivered there after last month's decision to close the obstetrics department. I know my voice will not change what has already transpired, but I would like to comment on our experience.

While their facility is as one would expect in a hospital -- pictures of chunky newborns lining the halls and ultra clean surfaces -- their staff set them apart. They were superb; better than our previous experiences with our other children. Every person we came in contact with, from the chaplin to the sweet lady who delivered the meals, obviously cared for us. The nurses in particular were wonderful.

To give but one example, one nurse stayed two hours past her shift change to assist the delivery. I overheard her tell the other nurses that she wanted to stay to finish the job and help even though she was off.

Economics may be what they may be, but the closing of this portion of Lourdes is a loss for our community.


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