Election letter: Port of Kennewick -- Bowman

July 25, 2013 

Sandi and I are supporting Leo Bowman for Port of Kennewick commissioner, District 2. Why? Because Leo fits our criteria for a person we want to serve us in our community. His values, integrity, honesty and ideals are the things we believe are important to us and those he will serve. Leo's only personal agenda is to make certain he uses all of his resources and relationships to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of his position.

So, what are Leo's resources and relationships?

First and foremost, Leo has been a community leader in the Tri-Cities since he moved here many years ago and he has successfully owned his own local business for 32 years. The port is a business and it needs commissioners who have business wisdom.

Leo admirably served as a Benton County commissioner for 16 years. During that time, he formed effective relationships with the city of Kennewick, Benton County, Washington state, federal government, and Indian tribes, to mention but a few. The port is a public entity that needs commissioners possessing good working relationships with other governmental entities.

For the good of our port, I encourage you to vote for Leo Bowman.

DEAN STRAWN, Kennewick

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