Election letter: Aquatic center -- Yes

July 25, 2013 

The proposed aquatic center will provide our citizens and visitors many hours of enjoyment, recreation and fitness for all ages and will greatly enhance our Tri-City economy through increased tourism. Tourists spend money with local businesses and generate sales tax for local jurisdictions.

The Tri-Cities Visitor & Convention Bureau (TCVCB) believes that the addition of an aquatic center will increase tourism in our region because it will attract a number of new events and leisure travelers, which in turn will increase visitor spending.

For example, the center would bring out-of-town visitors to the Tri-Cities for aquatic competitions. There are least 18 annual aquatic events that could be held at the center, and those events represent 5,400 athletes and family members.

In addition, many sports and convention planners are requesting additional activities for their delegates, and the center would help sustain and attract more events to the Tri-Cities. Also, delegates and other visitors may consider extending their stay longer in the Tri-Cities.

The Tri-Cities Visitor & Convention Bureau recommends approving the Tri-Cities Regional Aquatic Center.


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