Election letter: West Richland mayor -- Johnson

July 25, 2013 

In the race for West Richland mayor, one candidate has emerged as the clear choice. Merle Johnson is the only candidate who has the city and its citizens' best interests in mind. He wants to commercialize, but in a way that retains the city's values. He is respectful of the citizens' concerns and is against the current move to commercialize the corner of Bombing Range Road and Van Geisen Street. The injustice being imposed on the local residents of that area is an outrage.

Merle wants to retain Flat Top as a park. The other candidates want to use the parking lot and immediate area for new city administrative offices. The reclassification of the land at Bombing Range and Austin Drive from low density residential to commercial, and the selling of the now commercial land for a hardware store is the beginning of the commercialization of that area. And, it appears that a first step of this new plan is to drive people out of the area. Meaning that other infringements on the rights of other people in that area is imminent. By the way, the current city council wouldn't listen to objections and voted unanimously to reclassify this land.

CRAIG DAVIS, West Richland

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