Letter: Kennewick's 'false alarm' fine unfair to pet owners

July 24, 2013 

We recently purchased an alarm system for our residence. Based on our new-found security, we comfortably left on vacation. While in the remote regions of Idaho, we received calls from our security firm advising we had alarms. We asked them to dispatch the police to check the alarms.

As it turns out, our pets caused the problem. So they were not false alarms -- they were explainable alarms. Knowing this, future alarms have been reduced/mitigated. Thinking we had managed the system appropriately, alarms have gone to zero.

But alas, the story changes as we had a new bunch of thieves in our neighborhood. The city of Kennewick sent us a bill for $50 for a "false alarm" call. Oh yeah, the municipal code allows for this legalized thievery but just how fair is it? It seems ironic citizens are encouraged to take an active role in reducing crime but are chastised for reporting potential incidents. Guess we could kill our pets and take care of the problem, but there is probably a euthanasia fee assessed by the city.

DAVE LEE, Kennewick

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