Letter: Elect Givens to Port of Kennewick

July 21, 2013 

I recently read an article in the Herald about John Givens. Having worked very closely with John since 2008, the article painted a very different picture than the John I've come to know and deeply respect.

I've never known him to be disrespectful or remotely inappropriate. On the contrary, he's always been kind-hearted and routinely puts others before himself. He's a man of honesty and integrity. Anyone who knows John admires his wisdom and creativity.

I don't personally know any of the other candidates running for the Port of Kennewick District 1 position, but I do know John, and he unequivocally has the vote of me and my wife. John has a heart for public service and I know he'd make an excellent port commissioner.

As for casting doubt on his character and potentially adversely affecting the outcome of this elected position, I think the timing is fishy and shameful. I'm disappointed the dirtiness of what we've come to know as national politics is as rampant in our community.

ROBERT GALE, Kennewick

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