Letter Best: Foster care rescues

July 21, 2013 

On page 4 of the Herald's Kids Day insert, we were very disappointed to read the caption under the photo of a great aunt and uncle and their infant great-niece whom they had "rescued from foster care." Look up "rescue" and you'll find "save someone from a dangerous or distressing situation."

It might be more appropriate to say these children are "rescued" from their own homes for a variety of reasons which could be described as sad, sorry, dangerous or criminal.

While family reconciliation would be an ideal outcome and placement with a suitable family member a preferred option, the caption does a disservice -- even insults -- all those foster families who provide a safe nurturing refuge for children whose home life would break your heart.

They also provide a respite for moms and dads so they can get the assistance and skills they need to become the kind of parent we would like all children to have.

Look up "foster" and you'll find "encourage or promote the development of something, typically something regarded as good; raise, cherish, bring up, nurture."


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