Fast Focus: 'Are you satisfied with the liquor privitization laws?' Expected better prices

July 21, 2013 

The new system of privatizing the sale of liquor has worked pretty much as I expected, with one exception. We were sold on the idea that it would make things more convenient for the consumer. Yes, it has. We were told that it would get the state out of the business of being in business and in competition with retailers. Yes, that has happened. We were told that the state would not be hurt by how much revenue would flow into state coffers. Yes, that seems to be true.

Ah, but here's the rub. We were told that the price of liquor, to the consumer, would be much lower because of competition among the retailers. Here is where the buzzer, like that one on the Gong Show, sounds. Wrong! I wonder how the vote would turn out today, if the actual facts of the matter had been known?

-- DICK OLSEN, Prosser

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