Mid-Columbia births for Fri, Jul 19, 2013

July 19, 2013 

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

SEFFENS -- Kristin and Robert, Kennewick, boy, July 12.

ARREGUIN -- Lorena and Jose, Mattawa, boy, July 12.

SANCHEZ -- Maria and Emmanuel, Kennewick, girl, July 12.

UNUTOA -- Amie and Rozas Alaniz, Walla Walla, girl, July 12.

DURHAM -- Patricia and Joshua, Kennewick, boy, July 12.

SANCHEZ -- Lilia and Justin Salinas, Pasco, twin boys, July 13.

CLARK -- Kim and Scott, Pasco, girl, July 13.

CROW -- Christie and Bryan Barcom, Kennewick, girl, July 13.

KRYNYTSKA -- Nataliya and Mykola, Richland, girl, July 13.

STEIN -- Ingrid and Casey Mitchell, Kennewick, boy, July 14.

WANG -- Minna and Sheng, Richland, girl, July 14.

ESTRADA -- Ana and Estevan Barajas, Pasco, boy, July 14.

BURNUM-JOHNSON -- Kristin and Grant Johnson, Richland, girl, July 15.

MAINS -- Adelle and Brian Latimer, Benton City, boy, July 14.

MUNDEN -- Ann and Trent, Pasco, girl, July 15.

MENDOZA -- Gris and Alvaro Diaz, Pasco, girl, July 15.

AVILES -- Katie and Marcus Ayala, Pasco, girl, July 15.

NGUYEN -- Amy and Richard, Kennewick, girl, July 15.

FISH -- Lisa and Matthew Watt, Richland, girl, July 15.

GALBREATH -- Amanda and Scott, Kennewick, girl, July 15.

MENDOZA -- Kristina and Rudy, Richland, boy, July 16.

MAGANA -- Ines and Alan Acosta, Pasco, girl, July 16.

WORTHINGTON -- Michelle and Jacob, Benton City, boy, July 16.

CORRALES -- Susana and Fredy Gutierrez, Pasco, girl, July 16.

OUELLETTE -- Valerie and Doug, West Richland, boy, July 16.

ESTRADA -- Maria and Miguel Palacios, Grandview, girl, July 16.

VAUGHN -- Sunday, Richland, boy, July 16.

MACIAS -- Maria and Manuel Jimenez, Sunnyside, boy, July 17.

WOODIS -- Lacey and Zack, Pasco, girl, July 17.

LANDRUM -- Angela and William, Pasco, girl, July 17.

BEEBE -- Jacqueline and Charles, Richland, boy, July 17.

HUGHES -- Cynthia, Pasco, boy, July 17.

SIDWELL -- Nutjaree and Steven, Richand, girl, July 17.

GRIFFITH -- Vanessa and Josh, Pasco, boy, July 17.

ARROYO -- Kelsey and Alfredo, Pasco, girl, July 17.

NIPPER -- Dorothy and John Logue, Mesa, girl, July 17.

KETTERLING -- Rebecca and Kerry Brooks, Kennewick, boy, July 18.

ARTZ -- Kimberly and Patrick Winters, Richland, girl, July 18.

GEORGY -- LaQuisha and Karim, Richland, boy, July 18.

NELSEN -- Rachel and Brad Lytton, Kennewick, girl, July 18.

GRIFFITHS -- Kamree and Rene Godinez, Kennewick, girl, July 18.

DONLON -- Amber and Quinn, Pasco, boy, July 18.

KRUSE -- Crystal and Joel, Kennewick, boy, July 18.

Kennewick General Hospital

SCHWANZ -- Aimee and Michael, Richland, boy, July 15.

WRIGHT-JACKSON -- DominiQue and Leon, Pasco, boy, July 15.

MATA -- Steffani and Steven, Pasco, boy, July 15.

JAMISON -- Kayla and Jorael, Kennewick, boy, July 10.

TREVINO -- Laura and Javier Sanchez, Kennewick, boy, July 11.

SARMIENTO -- Grace and Daniel Smith, Kennewick, boy, July 11.

AGUILAR MENDOZA -- Eneida and Octavio Torres Gomez, Mesa, boy, July 12.

SWEARENGIN -- Stefanie and KC, Pasco, girl, July 12.

JENNINGS --Kysha and Scott Woodford, Pasco, boy, July 13.

CALHOUN-FORD -- Sarajon and Sterling Ford, Richland, boy, July 13.

QUIROZ GARCIA -- Mirna and Julio Cesar Garcia, Pasco, boy, July 13.

SAENZ -- Kenya and Uriel Flores, Pasco, girl, July 15.

TORRES -- Perla and Ulises, Pasco, girl, July 16.

HERNANDEZ -- Linda and Jesus, Prescott, girl, July 16.

SALGADO -- Lucia and Sonny Carter, Kennewick, boy, July 16.

SHIPLEY -- Morgan and Tim Smith, Richland, boy, July 17.

HERNANDEZ -- Yesenia and Alejandro Flores, Kennewick, boy, July 17.

RUIZ VILLALOBOS -- Alondra and Manuel Cifuentes Figueroa, Pasco, girl, July 17.

LOGAN -- Michelle and Timothy, Kennewick, girl, July 17.

MAGANA -- Vanessa and Timothy Rada, Kennewick, boy, July 17.

GARCIA SANCHEZ -- Maria and Abraham Sanchez, Prescott, boy, July 18.

RIBBING -- Natasha and Robert, Pasco, boy, July 18.

Prosser Memorial Hospital

SOLIS -- Erica, Grandview, girl, July 10.

CRUZ -- Maria and Omar, Grandview, girl, July 11.

HERNANDEZ -- Veronica, Sunnyside, boy, July 13.

BIRRHUETA -- Bertha and Jose, Outlook, boy, July 13.

GOMEZ -- Monica, Grandview, boy, July 13,

ALVAREZ -- Juliana and Charlie, Grandview, boy, July 13.

Walla Walla General Hospital

PENA -- Christina and Juan Montero, Walla Walla, boy, July 6.

BOHENA -- Lidia and Pedro Pedroza, Walla Walla, girl, July 6.

GONZALEZ -- Maricella and Guillermo, Walla Walla, boy, July 9.

BRAUNER -- Beatriz and Daniel, Walla Walla, boy, July 14.

TAN -- Candice and Antonio Delgado, College Place, girl, July 15.

HERNANDEZ -- Mayra and Jose Herrera, Walla Walla, boy, July 16.

DERSTINE -- Charleen and Jason, Milton Freewater, girl, July 11.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

THOMPSON -- Heather and Marcus, Hermiston, girl, July 14.

ARREOLA -- Maria and Francisco, Hermiston, boy, July 15.

PANDO -- Claire and Nicolas, Hermiston, boy, July 16.

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