Letter: Approve aquatic center

July 19, 2013 

Let's get this right: Vic Epperly thinks the answer to our lack of public swimming opportunities is to build no additional space? The only thing you can say truthfully about his idea -- to simply cover existing pools -- is it would give us more lap swimming opportunities. He really thinks that's all people want?

The fact is the cities are greatly subsidizing their existing outdoor pools and there is no way they can afford to cover them and absorb the expense to a much greater extent through the winter.

The Regional Aquatics Center will more than double our area's existing public swim space and provide the lap swimming, lessons and other opportunities here at home that hundreds of folks are now traveling over an hour one way for.

The regional facility will be inviting with the kind of fun features that attract swimmers and brings them back. The Regional Public Facility board has done hours of "home work" on this project, listened to the citizens worked with professional consultants and put forth the best possible plan to meet our wants and needs.

Don't be hoodwinked by anyone who is denying or twisting the facts. Study them for yourself: www.tcpfd.org


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