Letter: Community needs an indoor 50-meter pool

July 19, 2013 

I was so disappointed in the decision to build a small swimming pool over in Pasco rather than a truly world-class 50-meter pool that would bring in swimmers from all over the nation for state, national and local events.

A short search on Google discovered the trend to build new 50-meter pools all over the nation ... many were high school pools.

I agree with Mr. Liebler that building a short pool does not make sense. Why go to all the work and expense to build a second-rate pool that will not bring any large meets our way, and will be obsolete in a few years?

This region has a history of building schools that are not large enough for the numbers of students two or three years later. And we don't seem to learn.

This area is growing at an incredible rate and we need to look to the future -- not just now -- but what we will need in the future. Build a 50 meter pool! We need it now.

BOB GIFFORD, West Richland

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